>Dear Friends,

I am glad to inform you that SiteTalk has launched the CHAT that is going to revoluzionize connection and communication between people in the world. SiteTalk Chat features A REAL-TIME TRANSLATOR IN MULTIPLE LANGUAGES that allows people to talk each other in their own language without knowing other people languages. It means for example that a Chinese man can write in Chinese language to a German person and the German will read it automatically in German language, thanks to the real time translator; viceversa, the German will answer in German language and the Chinese will read it in Chinese. This system is already working with many languages (more will be added week after week), including Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English, Italian, Hungarian, Slovenian, Serbian/Croatian, Swedish, Norwegian, etc.

Of course with a simple click you can go back any time to the original conversation in native languages between people, thus learning new foreign languages. 

SiteTalk is the Social Network of the future, more advanced than any other Social Network so far existed and remunerating its active users every week, by sharing with them its profits.

Subscribe here -> www.sitetalk.com/mainardo and click on “Signup” it’s free 😉

for info mail to: info@sitetalkunaico.it



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